Are you a US Government Employee??? If yes, then we need your help!

The Consolidated Federal Campaign (CFC) will run from September 1, 2021, through January 15, 2022, and all Federal, Military, and Postal US Government employees will be solicited for donations. LCW is accredited with the CFC as a charity of choice. You can direct your donations to the campaign to LCW through our charity code 65061.

All donations collected through CFC directly benefit the Urgent Needs Fund that helps all LCW be fully funded. Last year’s solicitation brought in over $8,200 in assistance to LCW. Thank you so much for all who gave.

If you are a US government employee participating in the yearly solicitation, please consider placing LCW as your charity of choice. If there is a CFC event happening in you area, let us know, and we would love to come! Thank you all in advance for your support, and we look  forward to a successful campaign. If you would like more information about CFC, please visit: