Let’s celebrate a new milestone: 900 sponsored children!

In 1987 when the founders began their mission with just a few young children from the streets, they could have only dreamed of the number of lives that would be changed because of their legacy. In our history, thousands of children and their families have been touched by the love of Christ through the gift of sponsorship. Right now, we have over 900 children who are sponsored from preschool through college. This represents generations of the cycle of poverty that can be broken because people like you are willing to lend a helping hand through sponsorship each month. Thank you for your continued support and prayers as we press on toward reaching 1000+ children and their families through sponsorship!


full sponsorship ($35/month) covers the basic needs of the child, including preventive health care, education and Christian nurturing. The family of the sponsored child enjoys the privileges of membership in LCP and the HELPS programs, which includes opportunities for livelihood, leadership training in the LCP community, tutorial opportunities as needed for their children, used clothing, family assistance for medicines and medical care when available, Bible studies and Christian fellowship in a close-knit and caring community.

Sponsoring a child with Little Children of the World can take a child and their family out from the grips of poverty and help give them a hand up to a better and brighter future through access to basic services, opportunities for livelihood, and educational empowerment! Sponsor a child today!