Mabuhay LCW Sponsors and College Donors,

I am so humbled and honored to personally thank you for all the ways you bless the life of your sponsored child/youth. Your love, financial support, and prayers for the ministry mean a lot. I thank God for you daily!

This year marks my 20 years living in the USA and 11 years working for LCW which changed my life. However, my journey started long before I came to work with the ministry. It started over 32 years ago when Mark & Kay Nelson sponsored my sister, Marla. Without sponsorship and LCP/LCW, I do not know where I would be today. Because of you and your investment in the life of your sponsored child, like my sister, you have given us a way to escape poverty. Many of your sponsored children are first-generation college graduates and now they are contributing members of society. You, our sponsors and college donors, are reflections of God’s love.

During this trying time, we are so grateful to you for your sacrificial giving to your sponsored child and to LCW Urgent Needs. Through people like you, we can continue what God has entrusted us to do – Show Love, Give Help, Bring Hope, and Change lives in Jesus’ Name. Please consider a gift today to help us meet some of our Urgent Needs. Thank you – Daghang Salamat – for all you do for the children in the Philippines.

With Gratitude,

Marie Lou Patrimonio Abbott, VP of Sponsorship